Faced with a number of challenges at once I had started to feel overwhelmed and out balance in my self. ‘Mama’ Kutz made me feel calm, relaxed and able to think more clearly. As we talked through the various challenges I faced she listened intently, helping me to reconnect with myself. I finished our session with a sense of lightness and energy that stayed with me for several days. Crucially Mama Kutz has shown me how to stay in touch with the sense of who I am, what I have to offer and what I’d like to receive in to my life.

Amechi UdoCareer Coach & Founder of Inspired to Coach.com

…– strong yet gentle, from the heart and tinged with an undercurrent of good humour. You have a welcome sensitivity to individual need and are a great listener, healing in itself – I am always cheered in your company and reassured by your quiet wisdom and strong support and encouragement.

Michael V

Diane is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenged me to identify my full potential in all areas of my life, review my career goals and helped me enormously to have the courage to take the step that I needed to take, that is to change my job. I did exactly this and during my six-month quest gave another direction to my working-life, she supported me and inspired self-belief to help me actually achieve my goals. With spending more time on my other interests and changing the working environment I did not need to fix my career.

My personal and working life has found a new, worthwhile, balance. One more step will complete the process and this is moving to a different, geographical area in my quest to find the quality of life that want. I could not be happier with my choices.

While being a charismatic and inspiring person, Diane has a listening soul and ability to understand and help define the big picture of your goals. She is also able to break down the steps needed to achieve these goals and give practical and insightful advice on how to take that all important first step towards your goal, whether it be defining your career direction, realising personal goals and achievements or resolving family and relationship conflict.

Life coaching, acceptance and listening are second nature to Diane, and I would strongly recommend her if you are looking someone to support, mentor and inspire you on your life journey.

J-P G(previously international director sales for global IT/ telecoms companies, now pursuing photography and driving instruction career)