When I think of Diane’s coaching, I have the image of an engaging balance between the 4 elements:

Water empathy:
Imagine coming to somebody with whom you feel that each and every bit of her being is listening to you. Not criticized nor judged, suddenly you feel safe to be all you are:
e.g. a real mess full of interrogations with your life…(“It’s fine” she says).

Air versatility and creativity:
How cool is to be guided in a land where each session is a brand new world. Diane juggles with an impressive repertoire of expertise: NLP, Hypnotherapy, time line therapy, shamanic insights…and much more. Nothing pre-organised just the very method that suits this very you, and flows with this very moment.

Earth grounding and persistence:
Reality, harsh reality?
In a practical and grounded fashion Diane points out the inner shadows you want to avoid, finding an unexpected light in the dark; new directions more realistic and compassionate, respecting all that you are. (“Shadow is fine” she says.)
Piece of advice: do not try to escape the questions; she’ll persevere until you spit out everything…arshh!

Fire action:
“How do you get on with it? When? What time do you mean exactly?”
Get ready for these, hum, pleasant enquiry.
Starting from the place where you are now, you’ll suddenly find yourself in a new strange position where more than just scheduling a plan you end up just doing it.

I feel a massive gratitude to this magical enabler.
Thanks to you I have just met and I’m now learning to appreciate the wisest person in my life: Myself.


Diane has an amazing connection to the shamanic energy of the planet which she taps into, to scan the energy field of the body to pinpoint if there are any dips in the energy there. I was so grateful for the powerful reading she did for me as it helped me to understand there was a challenge in my back and she informed accordingly how to work with my energy field to balance it out. I highly recommend this truly beautiful shamanic soul who is a true angel at what she does.

John (River) Brannan

…– strong yet gentle, from the heart and tinged with an undercurrent of good humour. You have a welcome sensitivity to individual need and are a great listener, healing in itself – I am always cheered in your company and reassured by your quiet wisdom and strong support and encouragement.

Michael V