The Heart of Joy

Diane Kutz laughingWelcome to the Heart of Joy website – the home of my lifework. On this website you will find information about the Heart of Joy and the Five Fields of Being. In brief, the Five Fields are: Being on Purpose, Being with Emotion, Being Playful, Being Prayerful, Being Love. It has taken me almost six decades of living on this earthly plane to understand that this is what I do, and actually have done for many years.

I feel it is a great privilege to be able to work with people, in many different ways and in different settings. These include, helping people going through change and transition at work or in their personal lives;  healing using sound, conversations, crystals and a multitude of other tools; running workshops and many other ways I have been shown how to support my clients.

I work very much in the moment, with who you are and what you are dealing with in this moment. Many years ago, I developed ‘The Way in which I Live’, which is a statement about how I go about doing what I do.