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An invitation to receive Pink Crystal Angel Energy attunement, Dec 2022

As we move gently into the quiet, inward time of Mid-Winter – a time of stillness and contemplation for many – this is an invitation to join with others. A small gathering of souls, drawn together to receive the blessing of Pink Crystal Angel attunement.

Pink Crystal Angel energy is powerful and, at the same time, gentle. It can be used for self healing, or when working with others. A wonderful complement to other healing modalities, Pink Crystal Angel Energy tenderly brings our Being into balance.

Supported by a mantra, crystals and essential oil. You will take these away with you at the end of the day, to assist you in continuing your journey with this beautiful energy.


the Pink Crystal Angel energy was gifted to Diane Kutz in 2006, whilst she was staying with a friend at his gallery and workshop in Glastonbury. Sitting in the healing room, it was as though sparkling rain was coming down. Not immediately understanding what had happened, Diane has been working with this energy ever since. Diane has passed it on to a few others and has now been guided to offer this out to the world, to assist us with all the challenges that we are currently facing.

Where & when

Deeply Yin, this workshop will take place in the heart of Glastonbury, at the Goddess House on Magdalen Street, on Winter Solstice 21st December.

Beginning at 10.30 am and finishing around 3.30pm / 4pm.


sliding scale £35 – £65.

For more information:

Contact Diane via the website form here.

Download Flyer (incl email address) here [PDF]

Beginning in Autumn 2018 – A year of inward reflections

A series of four workshops following the seasons. Beginning in October with Weaving the Threads of Your Life story.

Each workshop stands alone, or blends with the others, to take you on a deep inward journey. Connecting with the deepest part of your Being.

Come and take time for you  in a safe space, gently held. Moving and rediscovering on a journey into your core Being.